American Advanced Polymer Corporation is an entrepreneurial innovator in the research, development and manufacturing of proprietary, performance-based, scratch resistant ECLEAR® optical coatings. We strive to be a recognized global leader at the forefront of delivering world-class optical hardcoating solutions and aspire to be our customers' number one choice.

ECLEAR® hardcoatings are based on advanced nanoparticle chemistry in the form of polysiloxane based sol-gels that cure to form an optically clear scratch-resistant layer to enhance the function, performance, durability and appearance of the intended substrates. Our advanced chemistry, innovative coating technologies and partnership with customers add value throughout the industry.

In addition to our standard ECLEAR® hardcoatings, our team of senior chemists are dedicated to the continuous advancement of customized coatings, as well as advice and training in all aspects of starting and running a coating operation to meet customers' value proposition.