Applications, Markets and Industries

ECLEAR® Optical Coatings have found applications in many market sectors and industries. Specific plastic parts including but not limited to: PC/PMMA sheets, display panel, PET protective film, TAC protective film, polarizing film, ITO protective film, window film, automotive film, PC suitcase, PMMA/ABS kitchen cupboard panel, white goods, PETG/PVC/PMMA blister packaging, IMD component, LCD, LED touchscreen, LED lenses, safety / protective eyewear, police riot shields/face shields, police safety visors, eye safety/protective goggles, swim goggles, helmet visors, eyewear lenses (PC lenses, acrylic sun lens, PMMA lenses, PA lenses, CR-39 sun lens, etc.), lens covers, PC sunglass lens, safety spectacles, gauges covers and instrument panels, mobile phone casings, lighting & signage, military shatterproof sheet, safety window glazing, train windows, PC automobile headlamp lens, automotive splinter proof film, medical equipment cabinets, automotive and aircraft windows, aircraft canopy, architectural roofing panels, sound proof walls, automotive glazing, automotive window glass, automobile head light and plastic for other custom applications.