As a one-stop optical hardcoating solution provider, We have innovative and dedicated team members comprising senior chemists, R&D personnel and application engineers who are very responsive to providing on-site consultation, sharing their expertise with clients and helping our clients achieve better results through identification of vital points, coating area improvement and process optimization. 

Our Turnkey Coating System Includes:

Custom-develop the hardcoating machine (as per production capacity and investment size).

Issue schematic process drawings that define coating facility configuration such as hardware configuration. Complete coating equipments can be designed and built by our team of associates.

Offer on-site training service for an effective coating operation.

Offer toll coating service for plastic parts that require stringent coating lines, processing equipments and special attention. It could be customer supplied sheet plastics, injection molded or 3-dimentional parts.

If you'd like to discuss a particular requirement, seek advice or find out which is the best solution for your value-added optical hardcoating project, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team and let us be an integral part or extension of your product development team.