Dual-cure Automatic Hardcoating Line for Helmet Visor for sale

Dual-cure Automatic Hardcoating Line for Helmet Visor

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It combines our dual-cure coating technology with our dual-cure resin solutions. This is world's first dual-cure coating technology that could cure very fast under UV light while still retains the resilience of cured coating film. Extra benefit is with its hydrophobic characteristics for helmet visor application, which will no doubt appeal to the helmet wearers considering the slippery surface against raindrops.

Conventional heat-curable HC solution will usually require 120 minutes curing time @ 120 Celsius for PC (80 Celsius for PMMA). That will make the coating job a time-consuming process. For our proprietary dual-cure resin solution, once applied, the coating will undergo a pre-heat treatment for precuring @ 80℃ for 5 minutes so that a tack-free (visor) lens surface could be obtained (solvent flash-off), then the coated (visor) lens will be moved to UV curing unit for post-curing process which will help achieve full crosslinking of the resin (UV radiation dose @ 800mj/cm2).

Typical Examples for Helmet Visor HC process:

Technical Specification

1) Enclosure Overall Dimensions: L25000*W2100*H3600mm

2) #16A chain driven, 5 jigs (visor holder) on each hanger, 2 hangers hooked on each metal arm, 

63 metal arms in the machine (Capacity is 600-800 pieces per hour)

3) Production Efficiency: 60 seconds/metal arm

4) Total Power Consumption: 80KW (Max.)

5) Stainless steel plate outer shell and inner shell lined with asbestos; machine floor and roof is wrapped up by steel plate.


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