AR-100 Anti-reflective Coating for PV Glass for sale

AR-100 Anti-reflective Coating for PV Glass

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AR-100 Anti-reflective Coating for PV Glass

1. Properties

Approximately 2.3%-2.5% greater transmittance than uncoated glass.

Performs well even under hot and humid conditions.

Pencil Hardness level up to 4H.

Performs better than waterborne AR coating in terms of transmittance boost.

Stable for over 3 months from date of manufacture.

2. Highlights

Coating operative under 40%-60% RH condition.

The maximum light transmittance could come up to 94% or higher.

3. Main Ingredients and field of use

Porous silica resin, water, a small sum of organic solvent.

Intended to work with photovoltaic glass to increase the transmission of light.

4. Application Method: roller coating

Working condition: RH40-60; termperature @ 20±2and cleanliness @ class 100000.

Desired thickness of dried coating film: 110nm.

Thinner: IPA recommended.

Mileage per kilo: 140-200㎡。

Baking: 200for 1-2 minutes.

Tempering: 720for 2 minutes.

5. Storage and Shelf Life

The coating sol will be stable even at ambient temperature (below 25°C) for 6 months from date of manufacture. The coating liquid should be stored in a dry place. Keep the containers tightly closed and protected from sources of UV light. The coating liquid may spoil if stored with ambient temperature below 0°C.


6. Packing

18 kgs / HDPE barrel