ECLEAR® dual-cure hardcoating technology

March 7,2016.
ECLEAR® dual-cure hardcoating technology is world's first successful attempt combining the heat & UV in optical hardcoat curing process. It offers more design flexibility for thermoformable PC and PMMA substrate materials. The intended substrate materials could be hardcoated and pre-cured by heat first, thermoformed to desired shape afterwards and then put for final UV curing. The cured coating delivers excellent optical clarity, abrasion resistance and impact resistance. The coating's low surface energy produces excellent resilience to dirt pick-up and makes the coated plastic part very easy-to-clean! 
Typical application on PC suitcase: extruded PC sheet---flow coating on the PC sheet---preheat till tack free (pre-cured @ 80℃ for at least 5 minutes)—mask the coated PC sheet with protective film---thermoformed to desired shape---UV cure (post-cured)---CNC processing