helmet visor coating

HCG-250 PC Visor Lens Hardcoating Sol (Primerless)

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HCG-250 PC Visor Lens Hardcoating Sol is clear sol-gel nanoparticle solution that will cure when exposed to thermal processing system. With our proprietary leading edge technology, this primerless hardcoating sol is designed specially for unprimed polycarbonate (helmet & sport) visor lens. The abrasion resistance of this coating can meet the exacting European standards and falling sand test complies with E/ECE/324 Regulation No. 22, Reduced of Abraded Sample Luminance (<5). The cured coating film could retain its flexural strength while maintaining its abrasion resistance (up to 2.5).

Coating Environment

Working Temp.: 18°C-22°C (coating liquid temp. is required to be 3 Celsius lower than room temp.)

RH: 40%-60%

Clean Room: class 1000-10000