• How to tackle Coat Sagging October 11,2016.
    Sagging of coating usually refers to the thicker coating along the bottom edge of the visors (coated parts). It occurs when different models of visors are changed in batch production and the withdrawal rates are not adjusted accordingly. For ease of ...
  • ECLEAR® hardcoatings Sampling Policy March 16,2016.
    ECLEAR® Hardcoatings Sample Program: Free small coated sample sheets (PC & PMMA) in predefined quantities with transport charge or courier charge billed in advance. Liquid coating samples for testing are available at customer's expense for materi...
  • Why ECLEAR® dual-cure hardcoating technology is unique February 27,2016.
    Traditional PC trolley suitcases are of matte finish to make less visible the scratch lines or stains from everyday use.  ECLEAR® dual-cure hardcoating technology has now made shiny and anti-graffiti PC suitcase possible. The cure...
  • Why ultrasonic cleaning is required for PC Lens Dip Coating Process March 3,2016.
    All substrates to be coated must be cleaned as needed to ensure good coating adhesion and prevent coating defects. The smoothness of the thin hardcoating would otherwise be disrupted by any dirts, grimes or particulates that may build up on the ...
  • Why Adequate Trial Test is Necessary March 18,2016.
    Disclaimer: substrates to be coated must be tested for suitability with on-site coating system prior to production runs being carried out. Always test application fully before beginning production run as there is often considerable variance in substr...
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