PC hard coat

UV3520 UV-curable Hardcoating on PC (Low Interference)

  • Product Details

UV3520 UV-curable Hardcoating on PC (low interference)

1. Characteristics

* Hardcoating application on PC film that shows almost no visible rainbowing.

* Long-lasting optical clarity and superior weatherability.

* Superior abrasion and scratch resistance.

2. Main composition and typical use

* UV 3100 is a proprietary formulation of UV-curable resin and acrylate monomer blend in organic solvent (PM& IPA).

* As an anti-scratch and anti-abrasion protective hardcoating on PC films or polycarbonate-fabricated products.

3. Application Conditions

* Coating Process: roller coating; RH below 60%; working temp. @ 20±2; cleanliness @ class 1000.

* Dust and other foreign matter must be kept from the coating roller (cleanliness @ class 100); use the dust-removing roller before performing the coating job.

* Drying: infrared flash-off @ 80 for at least 5 min and then cures under UV light.

* UV radiation dose: 200-300 mj/cm2

* Coating liquid should be continuously recycled through filter (with 2 micron pore size or under).